What is Chemistry Education?

Have a passion for chemistry? teaching? research?  You don’t have to choose! Chemistry education is under the larger category of discipline-based education research (DBER), meaning that you have a deep understanding of your discipline (in this case chemistry) as well as the underpinnings of educational research methods to investigate and improve student understanding. Chemistry Education Research, or CER, is a division of the American Chemical Society where the focus of research is centered on how students learn, interact with, understand, and/or feel about the subject of chemistry.


 Where would I publish?

Cover by Dr. Carmel et. al. A Glowing Recommendation: A Project-Based Cooperative Laboratory Activity To Promote Use of the Scientific and Engineering Practices



Journal of Chemical Education (JCE)












Chemistry Education Research and Practice (CERP)







Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST)




Where would I Present my Research?


American Chemical Society (ACS)



Biennial Conference of Chemical Education (BCCE)



Gordon Research Conference (GRC)

What is required to obtain a Ph.D. in Chemistry Education?

 Chemical Education graduate students adhere to all the same requirements as the chemistry graduate students at FIU. Check out our website for more information on the requirements to obtain a PhD in chemistry at FIU.

Where can I get a job afterwards?

Chemistry Education Faculty Member

Instructor at a University or Community College

High School Teacher

Curriculum Developer

Assessment Specialist

For more information on potential careers in chemistry education, visit the Younger Chemistry Education Scholars’ (YCES) blog


Want to join our team?

You can earn a PhD in Chemistry with a specialization in Chemistry Education. Learn more about our PhD program so you can start in Fall 2019 for graduate school.

We are looking for undergraduates who are interested in conducting research on how students learn chemistry. Contact Dr. Sonia Underwood or Dr. Justin Carmel.

Applications for the summer Research Experience for Undergraduates at FIU are due March 1st. Learn more so you can participate next summer.